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Here's some feedback from my clients

Testimonials: Testimonials

Before I started this coaching program I was struggling to motivate myself to exercise regularly, I knew it was important but I couldn’t seem to embed the habit. After working with Lynn I now have a regular exercise routine which I enjoy- I feel fitter and stronger. I had been experiencing extreme stress but this now feels much more manageable- this wasn’t even something I expected to improve so I’m really happy with this! I felt that my coach worked in a way that very much helped me to make these sustainable changes, I’m confident I can keep them going in the long-term. Overall I'm so glad I took part.

I felt really supported, challenged but not so far that I couldnt achieve it. I really liked Lynns style of delivery, it felt like team work, I never felt judged and that is important to me.

Catherine, NHS Consultant

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